Global Administration

Governance by globalisation

By science we prosper;
By virtue we strive;
By prayer we prevail;

By goodness we harvest;
By evil we renounce;
By time we surrender;
By reality we accept;

By Self we spiritually sacrifice
By life we grant holiness;
By soul we grant sacredness;

Imagine that a world is governed and that everyone who
needs labor, can have the job appropiate to them.

Imagine that a world is governed and that everyone
in in possesion of food, housing and a decent income.

Imagine that a world is governed and that criminality
and war is minimized by 80 procent.

Imagine that such a world is in the hands of our
science and technology.

Imagine that such a world is reachable by
the combined effort of all involved parts of society.

Such a world needs a forum as an intermediate to
the structure of society.

Such a intermediary is possible by the use of
advanced computing.

If an artificial mainframe would be used.
By input of adminstrative data.

And the calculation of optimal options.

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Shortlines with short description of the subject.
future with a vision on our human race and a glance on the coming times.
And ideals on the subject describing what it possible may do.

Politics change but software has its stable use

As the iudyne is being used as the software,
the software of indexing the government, and government
based information requisites.

The software being used for all the directions of a government,
both the political inquiries and the financial data.
Both the ministrial choices and the statistical reasons.

In a country the politics can change by the choice of a president,
or he elections in a democracy, but even with these changes,
a superior government has the same programs used for all political occasions.

The choice of a country is the directions being laid out by the leading people.
The choice which future is to create is the direction chosen by the leaders.

But all countries share the need for a global use of software to
cover all the subjects in politics and implementation.

This is where iudyne is getting visible.
As the professional software it gives the basical
possibilities for input and output of all data regarding
a country and its leading group.

As we use the computer nowadays for windows, mac or linux,
in the future the greatest software for leading a country is
also being the choice between iudyne and a couple others.

Iudyne as the definition of an ideal,
not yet being realized, and open to idealistic programmers.

When using the software of iudyne,
A complete solution for the government is apparent
From the indexing of all citizens, jobs, living place,
to the basical registration of taxes.
From the identification in a multi layered monetary systenm,
to the job-enrollment and ensignment of support.

From the statistics on companies and gross income,
to the import an export.
The choice for iudyne is the choice for a visible
way of getting line to the use of all subjects
from politics to government.
from financial services to intenational trade.
from the use of statements in international law to
the use of global foundations for global politics.

Politics at Continuum

We travel from the ancient past to the far future.
As the leading edge of political based goverments.

We travel from the ancient past to the far future.
As the democratic alliances based on capital and money.

Money as the means for all trade, either personal
and by company.

Capital as the function of all regions,
buildings and any matter to be called
property. of one person, a group
or a functional company.

This political inquiry is by the basis
and essence of goverment and its goal
to ensure life and living to all citizens.

This political inquiry is by the basis
and essence of all citizens to have
a part in the goverment and the leading
of a nation.

Iudyne is not about a computerprogram
not about a simple report on how
politics work. Its about goverment
and the leading edge on all basis
of nation's goverment.
either by the citizens,
either by the chooses elected citizens,
either by any group within society.

Iudyne is about the governing of
one nation, one region, one distinct symbol.
To the use of everyone calling
this is my homeground, this is my country.

Iudyne, call it a wish of Brahma.
Brahma for videopurposes
with the acronym of a small name

There is one nation called Iudyne,
the essence of goverment,
call all countries by their name.
Call this nation by its name.
Called the continuum of ages.
the centuries falling into eon's
and time itself forgets about her

As iudyne is the word given to
a nation of high standards.
a nation of essential politics.
a nation of basic living for all
without poverty, disease, famine
without the lack of happiness.
By whichever reason to appear.

Life force and Grand scheme

As all societies at bulding and
designing follow a plan or grand scheme.

As all civilisations have both parts
of creation.

One is the life force, as in plants
growing to a full form and function.

The other is from above a plan
or design, as the plan fullfilled
by the coordination of all workers.

Both designers, both managers,
and the work crew.

The society is built with both
powers, as one mankind use the power
of design, the other the power of lifeforce.

As all mankinds have a part of both,
as its not really to measure if its
either this or that.

The grand scheme, we see at best in
a designed city, with all kinds
of functions as in a large area
with predestined places.

The lifeforce is best seen in
primitive clans, or populations
with not any technology of any kind.
as its not to be

As lifeforce, not only medieval or primitive,
can also create a highlevel society.
depending on the combined effort of
all population and people.

As to have a grand scheme,
mostly a high council is appointed
whichever form. professionals being educated
at highest level. elderly of above seventy years old.
elected people either by the richest or the population.

The grand scheme, is like a layer of a golden line
above all of the grounds, nation and languagespoekn.

This golden line represents both the power
of this high council, as even money is
subservient to them.

As well this golden line represents
their virtue or intents,
as at best to serve the population,
and at worst, to have luxery and joy
as their prime intent.

This grand scheme at the right hand
and the life force at the left hand.

As the life force, also is in peace and
unity with the intuition of the population
the feeling based decisions.
and the attendance of the heart for living
as even high leaders using their heart
already implement the life force as
the second power besides the grand scheme.

The people with feelingbased or heartbased
living are not enemies to those of the grand scheme.
because a enemy is more or less based on the same
level of value.

Aas one professional being a doctor
is not in any way by his expertise
an enemy of a musician.

As both life force and grand scheme
serve the purpose to give the society
a form, a function and all its parts
to ensure its effectivity.

Wealth and its part

As society depicts that a leading
council is being choosen or affirmed
by the full of society and its citizens.

As society depicts that law is
with most agreement of the population,
therefore always choosing the best
for the most number of population.

As society depicts the laws
whereby people can be rich
or above others is both
money and property.

As when one received his
wealth in a good way
no one opposes it and
they are allowed to spend it at
their wish.

As above the democracy sometimes
on tells there is a international
gathering or group supervising
the earth.

As one version tells united nations is,
others say the group with the smoker is one.

As its possible a gathering of
very wealthy persons, as billionairs
is looking after the total of earth.

As this idea is the leading edge,
even without being dependent of
countries nations or any kind
of hierarchy.

As in some centuries ago,
the catholic church was having
a kind alike reinging over the
christian part of the world.

As all looked up upon them,
and were in dependancy of it.

From capital to coordianated social functions.

.. As on earth is alike in the universe,
as below is as above.

We all have proverbs in the normal
use of speech, either to clariy our
explanation or wisdom, or to point
to a problem, or subject being
general to us.

As on earth we have all the
natural sources, including
the use of regional boundaries
to give peace as a stable kind of society.

As we when boundaries would be not
by capitalistic by by the social function,
the wealth would have different basis.

As the social function in respect
to its society and its use,
is to give meaning to all kinds of
gradation in society.

As regions from small lots,
for houses, small lots for stores,
unto the large space for having
a country as the basis of equality.

As regions are by social function,
not being bought, sold, or rented,
but by giving a central council and
its representation the choice to
give a lot, a place, a region
a meaning. Not by the so called
communism but as their property,
and to when making profit able to use it.

As society be region is a place to use,
as the building on it, as part of its function.

As the function, as being a gradation in
society. as all persons want to work
or want to be able to spend their salary
on the objects they like.

This makes the function in its gradation
the work every one does for getting money
and spending money.

The function where in a region country,
functions are with companies, and
functions are with companies being
a service to the population.

As the functions of a company is
to use citizens for giving the service
as giving the workes the money as they
spend at other services.

As capitalistic is about owning
capital and the monopoly of it

the social function based hierarchy,
is compared to the use of justice
the central independent decision
of how to acquire, how to attend,
how to form the society within
the region to a servicebased society.

As the social function,
is based on the service of the country
to the country.

As the social functions are adressed
as a decision of a justice like council
being independent, its different
because its not the property of the goverment
but the different base of appointing
to a usefull meaning to society.

As the property is assigend or coordinated,
the for example small snackbar
can still say this small shop is my property.
as paying rent for the spot,
but yet earning money by selling all kinds
of snacks.


As in a country respecting law
to ensure both freedom and safety for
all its inhabitants,
as the appointed service to
watch both society and
prevent society in a good direction
from damage.

As in a medival society one tells
about the law of the strongest,
and the strongest setting the rules
for how the society behaves.

Think of the strong fighters,
about everyone looks in awe for.

As modern society gives the law
of the strongest to a independent
law structure which ordeals without
discrimination, and all diverted
persons not holding law are being
restricted in their freedom.

As the law of the strongest,
to the law equal for all.

As the law of the strongest,
in times of virtue were opposing
evil and opposing damage to society.

But times of virtue are not exisiting
always because in combination with
people being strong fighters
make up their own kingdom according
to selfchoosen rules.

As to have law in a independent measure
whit the same law to all,
is above law of the strongest.

As independent law is called justice,
in our times.

As independency of all appointed functions
by the goverment unto the citizens.

As to compare, freedom is for all citizens
to choose their homeplace, to choose their relationship
to choose their education and to choose their place of work

As freedom is integrated at capitalistic, with
the side-function that things can be property,
and that the first saying this is my property
is the capital holder of it.

As freedom in respect to communism
is saying all are in debt to goverment
and are appointed places or work,
all workrelated things are property of the goverment
As to say taking away freedom to coordinate
every bit of freedom to scheme of global kind.

Thereby freedom, as the principle guiding
our societies, and to arrange all things
in society to work together and give it
both effect, and profit.

The centre of capitalistic
is the main reason to make profit.
And to have the right to own
this profit, whichever kind
whichever amount.

As the difference is,
capitalistic is the rightfull owner
because its bought, rented, or by pledge.

As the social function,
still gives the place or function
as property, as renting property,
but can be appointed by a legal council,
As they appoint according to a
law in direct line with the constitution.


As the organisation of Iudyne,
is being protected by the godhead without name.

As this godhead witohut name,
is the archetype of those part of
this organisation.

As Iydne a mythical concept,
never to be found with a description
of a real company.

As the mythical concept,
of a high organisation
which is part of the leading edge.
As its continuum is of all times.

They say this godhead without name,
guards its function of which unknown
how its getting visible.

As each time it exists,
and sometimes they call a godhead
sometimes a archangel
as to be without name.

As even all religions
have a concept of a god without
a name, or such name thats unspeakable.

This organisation,
as Iudyne, continuum of leading edge.

As proverbs

That without name cannot be brought to sin.

As without name chooses its owns obligation

What has been born is created with name

As the symbol of an archangel without a name
as he guards order on earth.
and the mystic word
how does order and chaos behave
one tells
that they come to peace with each other.

As this archangel without a name,
cannot be brought to sin as he has no name
and what is taken will last and what is
given will perish.

All kinds of symbolic phrases can be used
to describe this archangel.