Global Administration

Future plans and ideas

  • In the upcoming five years; everyone has a certified email-adress
    coupled to the social service number or the identiy of the passport.

  • In five years; All official information and communication is through the certified email adress.

  • In seven years; the certified email-adress can be used to pay for
    products and services, and to trade on a private basis

  • In seven years; the certified email adress is added to the identity in passports and country databases

  • In ten years; the global database holds the identity of every human on the planet,
    with the certified email-adrress.

  • In ten years every person has a labor section in the database expressing level
    of education, former jobs, and wanted functions.

  • In ten years, people can choose to make their jobwishes and educational wished visible in the database.
    Giving companies the abilty to be combined with job-seekers.

  • In fifteen years the job-allocation is fully automized.

  • In fifteen years the educational wishes in the database optimizes
    the available education at schools and training centres.

  • In twenty years the money system is converted to a system of wanted goods and services,
    giving border by the database. making humans equally possible for attainment of goods and services

  • In twenty years the country-borders will disappear.
    Making a world under one government, under one leadership
    based on democracy and automated governing database driven central program.

Iudyne on Tax

Iudyne on international global funding and taxcooperation.
Iudyne stands for a global administration.
Iudyne stands for tax on international basis.

In short; There is a tolerance of a basic income without taxing the amount.
Above a certain border,
There is a Tax of twoo thirds on all income, including profit.
One third is for the country it or he is based in.
that part can be used as normal inland tax and governmentpurposes.

The second third is for all international operations.
including international trade, collaboration and subsidy.

Two third of a salary above a margin is as taxes.
one third to country and regional government.
one third for international purposes.
Which can or may include charities or support for poverty an medical care.

Iudyne stands for a global government or administration.
It is not forced on countries, and has no part in corruption.

As Iudyne is a computing system serving the world on government and collective tasks.
Iudyne chooses the path by which the largest part of the whole is reasonable treated.

When profit is due to taxing, there is no difference in which land its based or in which land
it is applicable for taxes. The profit above the margin border is taxed for two thirds.
With the same rules as the two third taxes for persons.

Priority on Government spending

As we see on the whole planet, all countries have different spendings on their collective account.
We see in some countries its spend not at the best interest of the people.
We see in other countries its spend at corrupt and selfish desires of dicators.

But we also see wise spending in countries which see the purpose of giving
the country peace and prosperity.

The question is; are their priorities for spending for a government.
Which list of actions on spending is important and
gives the best weight to gain a wealthy land as a country.

Their are basic questions which gives a figure to what is good or what destroys

Questions like:
Are their natural resources, if exploited give to the collective treasury.
Are their special experts, who have a big influence.
Are their spread diseases giving pullback to what can be.

are best to be seen and used for the long term of a country.
You might not spend and loan a lot to give it as a legacy to the future.
As you might not want to create nuclear waste and give its responsibility
to the future government to cope with.

When a country has a public dept. it is reasonable to
see that its giving shortage for all government spending.
As long as a debt is vivid, a government has a draw back.

A country when longing for healthy finance has to reduce its dept.
With all possible sources.
A decent way is to use natural resources to get money in the bucket.
But don't sell resources, at least not by property longer than a government position.
(if a democratic system electing once in four years, then do not sell it for longer than those four years)

When a public dept is solved; the country can look at ways to improve a
system of priorities.

where some are very personal for each citizen, and others ensure public values.
Medical care; is a personal interest for each citizen.
And protection is a general need for protection and safety.

At third level you wish that people can have education to improve skills and jobmarkets.
When people have education they have more knowledge on society.
Which is an invisible treasure.

In this line of thinking priorities are to be seen as best for the collective
on a personal level.

Iudyne Comparision key

We sometimes see in the United Nations,
that large countries or regions get a voice of importance,
While small countries not have any voice.

We see in the united nations that large regios,
with the same langauage can veto important decisions.

In a fictive future when Iudyne has the
application and computer-directed administration of planetary governance.
Say the democratic republic is governed by normal elected people.

The computer program, is not used like a big brother service,
but is a subsequent mean to make all numbers on the planet in a simple way
to be understood by the back office of analysation and distribution
of specific democratic values.

With the distribution of numbers, you need the key to compare all numbers
in relation to the importance of each theme or object.

In this way you can state that:
  • The proportion between income numbers, in relation to the collective and in relation to the individual has a certain index.

  • The proportion of the large and low incomes in relation to the country and the basic level of wealth

  • The proportion of a law regarding medical care in relation to the part of population being healthy.

  • The proportion of access to education in relation to the labor force in the country.

All these numbers, should collide in a algorithm giving expression to
the instruments needed by democracy serving humanity, or countries.

In short; You don't want the United Nations to be governed only by the wealthy or strong countries.

For example the comparison between rich and poor.

Is it the number of people who are rich,
equated by the number of the poor multiplied by the average income of it.