Global Administration

Governance by globalisation

My Ideals on Iudyne

  • global administration of countries and divisions in theme

  • global added income and expenses.

  • Database of all available jobs and people having a job

  • Global vision on education, where, what and how.

  • Expanding country-border to global administration or governance.

  • adding each human in the database for education, culture, living place.

  • Appointing jobs to people with common features.

  • Global adressing of poverty by basical income for each registered poor or weak one.

  • Global tracking of criminals, locally detecting, globally prohibited

  • main frame to store and calculate all data for global usage.

  • ultimately cross border to form one planetary nation.

  • Methods to use planetary income to support regions of large poverty and pollution.

  • The goal of attaining world peace, world welfare and world prosperity

  • The goal of giving everyone opportunities for a job and education

  • The goal to make every person happy, safe and protected

  • The goal of Freedom for everyone.

  • The goal of protecting natures abundance and natural species.Word Wide Wildlife.

  • The rule that collective used technology or science is forced to be public domain.

  • The rule that social instruments are to be subsidized to make society healthy, ordely and equally.

  • The option for every human to care for another person, to care for a charitative intention without loss of income to a level of basical or minimal expenditure.

  • worldwide medical service, diseases without personal cause are treated free of cost.

  • Worldwide financial database, every person listed with income, job, education. For purpose of making a better world.

  • This foundation has application rules for all employees. a sign of good conduct is needed.

  • A proof of integrity can be obliged for all members and employees.

  • A double layered level of all functions and programs. including computer, main frame and all uses.

My Ideals as Peacekeeper

As the ideal for everyone can be different
as not all people are rich, famous or important.

As to be rich is to earn all your money
at the edge of capitalism.

As to be rich is to earn all money
sometimes without the right
of a honest business keeping.
as cheap labor in pover countries.

As to be famous is sometimes
not by doing things the honest way.

As to have and ideal is to give
your feelings a method to come
clean at life.

As to have an ideal is to give
your goal a support,
like with cheap labor investing
in poor countries.

As to have an ideal is on
your own level, of both
understanding, the wealth of life.

As some very rich decide to give
money to very poor people.
or to share their means with
the camps of refugees.

As the people having money
of more than the savings of a country
or nation decides
to buy of a national debt
of countries below normal.
and then to remit and forgive them,
canceling their debt

As people having money
choose to buy off debts of large companies
when they have an essential function.

As everyone looking beyond the
personal position can think of a method
to spend their surplus.

As ith the prime rule
that all philontrophy
gets rewarded. as not in a visible way.

As with the most high goal
to buy of all national debts
of all countries speaking an international language.

As the peacekeepers are having
an ideal beyond the power
of the normal people

As the prime goal in dutch:
Staatschulden van arme landen opkopen
en kwijtschelden.

My ideals an angels voice

As i visioned, yes i saw heaven,
yes paradise quarters, yes Artemis
a rocket to the blue moon.

More than that, yes i saw
the vision of a new nation.

A political system,
call an allowance,
yes all poor people
yes all with damage to
their life and soul.
Yes all old people too.

Yes i saw a political system,
more than that,
i saw on all the planet,
a subscription for
defense, as to pay
a small fee for eternal peace.

Yes i saw a political system,
more thant that,
i saw a small fee
to have health,
yes the beloved cared in a hospital
yes society paid the costs as a small
point to agree.

Yes i saw a political system,
all coordination yes
by the goverment,
those without vision,
yet cared inclusive
as paradise on earth.

Yes i saw a political system,
the state financial services,
yes a bank with no fee.
For all citizens as ground level
banking and monetary system.

Yes i saw a political system
all these parts an entrance
yes full planet view.

Yes i saw a political system,
all numbers counted,
Gayatri from heaven yes
a silver mirror, a paradise
still a swan in the lake.
Yes my beloved still to see.