Global Administration

Governance by globalisation

My Ideals on Iudyne

  • global administration of countries and divisions in theme

  • global added income and expenses.

  • Database of all available jobs and people having a job

  • Global vision on education, where, what and how.

  • Expanding country-border to global administration or governance.

  • adding each human in the database for education, culture, living place.

  • Appointing jobs to people with common features.

  • Global adressing of poverty by basical income for each registered poor or weak one.

  • Global tracking of criminals, locally detecting, globally prohibited

  • main frame to store and calculate all data for global usage.

  • ultimately cross border to form one planetary nation.

  • Methods to use planetary income to support regions of large poverty and pollution.

  • The goal of attaining world peace, world welfare and world prosperity

  • The goal of giving everyone opportunities for a job and education

  • The goal to make every person happy, safe and protected

  • The goal of Freedom for everyone.

  • The goal of protecting natures abundance and natural species.Word Wide Wildlife.

  • The rule that collective used technology or science is forced to be public domain.

  • The rule that social instruments are to be subsidized to make society healthy, ordely and equally.

  • The option for every human to care for another person, to care for a charitative intention without loss of income to a level of basical or minimal expenditure.

  • worldwide medical service, diseases without personal cause are treated free of cost.

  • Worldwide financial database, every person listed with income, job, education. For purpose of making a better world.

  • This foundation has application rules for all employees. a sign of good conduct is needed.

  • A proof of integrity can be obliged for all members and employees.

  • A double layered level of all functions and programs. including computer, main frame and all uses.