Goverment Administration

On this website a new concept in software will
be presented to the world.

Its the work of the goverment being brought
together with the use of intuitive software.

Its the administration, giving each
employee and every elected member
of the democratic councils, the
information they need.

For the employee, the personal
task list, the book of reference,
and the direct contact with
the responsible representative.

For the members of the democratic
council, just the information,
daily the questions to answer,
the votes to be studied.

This software of Iudyne,
the intensive work of a software
division. a division,
keeping the goverment
on the job, and on the task.

As an intuitive approach
it gives every one,
the chance for having a
golden time in government.

For even a president,
or elected headofficer,
can just have the access
they need to information.

As the right on information,
is the core of democracy.

As the access method to
information, gives the
government a Pre,
in international trade,
international cooperation.

For Government Administration.
Choose the packages to attend,
and watch your country,

Go wealthy,
the citizens,
go healthy.

And the world,
grows to worldpeace.
The goal of
every leader.

Giving each employee
a dashboard with needed

Giving each democratic
member, the bulletin board
for their decisions.

Giving each world leader
the access to world
treasury of information

Please feel free to
a New Future

Second Paragraph
As this good package to assist
in administring a country,
a second pack of parts is available

As the choice to monitor money
as a obligation of the goverment
with a package able to coordinate
all payings, receivings, profit,
and the measure of controlling.

This package used for banking
in local, interlocal, countrywide,
and nationwide politics and uses.
As all money in a safe way
the responsability of the

As the package of administring
the taxes in all and every way.
As the choice for this package
to relieve the goverment in
an easy way, and taxes with
high precision being taken
by this package.

As the third package,
the govermental part
of insurances.
Giving all companies,
and citizens the feeling
of safety, that health
protection and compensation
are in good hands.

As the fourth package,
is of international trade
making all import and export
rules being monitored in a
fashionable way, making
costs clear and being
in operated in a smooth way.

This program is as designed
by Iudyne, the total concept
of a country, with all
important services of a goverment
being taken in an easy and smooth way.

May Iudyne be the next step
of your advanced way of a country.
As even a democratic package
to ensure politics will be available soon,

making voting and counting a precise
task ensuring happiness of the people.