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The fog of war

We see on earth countries divided on the surface.
As we see borders made by kingdom, language, trade of tradition.

As we see on earth that each part has a common feature.
Simple one is the language, and complex is a trade instrument
by which the goods and services are traded.

In countries in the middle east we see the division by
the way of fighting each other.

Israel and palastina are in war to each other,
as well syrie or afghanistan.

The important value of war is that each one
feels to be part of a legacy or tradition
and naming the other one as bad.

We saw with the crusaders that islam and christianity
were each enemies.

We saw that two traditions called each other bad or unworhty.

The fog of war divides people who are member of mankind,
in each others enemies.
Even forgetting that we share alike our bodies, minds and existence.

The fog of war has a reason to exist,
that for most participators is the right to defend their homeland.
And because seperation is created,
there is only the final reason to obtain your land,
to win the fight.

The fog of war,
creates a reason to fight.
creates a goal of having the right to drive back every intruder.