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The aim for profit

The biggest secret of a succesfull company is the aim for profit.
The aim for profit being more important than people, than material and nature.

The aim for profit; supercedes all other priorities.
The aim for profit; is above law and relationship.

To become rich, in some moment you have the choice.
Being human and speaking your heart,
or speaking your thirst for riches.

When the aim for profit, is from the company entering the government,
A couple of basic features are seen.

First; a country being organisation aiming for money,
will de only whats in that interest.

Second; a country being for profit;
will discard any part that doesn't give income or relates to it.

Third; When profit is the sole priority,
all parts of leading without direct response to the leaders
is subject to degradation.

A country aiming for profit;
will give the labor workforce as well as the employers a distinct role.
As wel the banking and stock trading sector.

Import and export will only serve the consumersdemand of the own country.

A country making profit;
who will benefit if not for the important human factor.

A country in wealth has money to spend on new ways
to increase all components of government services.