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Money and its trade

The gospel of money is about every one who is taken by the virus to get rich.
The gospel is when people are in danger, the first question is can you pay for it.

Money is a trading mechanism, providing everyone who wants or who offers a platform
to reach each other, with boundaries as the whole planet.

A couple of centuries ago, a country or city was the limit to offer goods.
A couple of thousand years ago, the market in the village was the ultimate boundary.

To trade is to give money for things you either made, bought or exchanged.
To trade is for most people the basis of living.

Trading of manpower, of materials, of technology its all the power of money
governing it

Trading is the basis of earning a living. to buy food, shelter, and use wealth.

Sometimes its the question to follow the money.
But when its abstract, neither gold nor silver the lead vanishes in the banking sector.

Some documentaries on internet tell that the top three percent of the world,
owns the eighty percent of all money on earth.

It can be wise to study how such a thing can be real.
In a world where people recognize socialism, and christian values as compassion.

The money equaly spread on the earth, should be a goal to make everyone happy.
But in reality its not like that, is that the result of karma, as hindu religion tells?

The total amount of money, always should be the same as the total weight of gold and silver.
Not because its a stupid rule, but because otherwise money would have no intrinsic value.

May gold and silver be in the houses of the good, the holy and the heroes.
May gold be in the mouths of the wise, and silver in those devoted to wisdom.

May the voice of providence tell its tale to all who are listening.